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An automated e-filing solution for VAT.

Our software has been used to successfully submit VAT returns since March 2010. We review and update our software on a regular basis to ensure HMRC's latest reporting requirements are included.

Annual License cost from £80 + VAT for a single VAT Reference installation.


VAT Pro Making Tax Digital bridging software is a desktop application allowing multiple VAT Returns to be generated and submitted to the Government Gateway direct from the end userís PC. The application can also be configured to submit non MTD VAT returns to HMRC if required.

Data collection is performed offline and an internet connection is only required when reports are submitted or VAT information is collected from HMRC. The software is designed to interface with existing VAT software either directly or by importing data from an Excel spreadsheet. The data is collected then validated before being submitted to the Government Gateway so that any data issues can be resolved early in the process thus saving valuable time. An annual license is required for each user / device installation, licensing costs are shown below.

We also offer bespoke software development and can tailor the product to suit a company's individual needs via 'Add-In' processing options.

Videos demonstrating selected activities can be viewed on Hartigan Software's YouTube channel, description and links are provided at the bottom of this page.

Getting Started

  • Advise HMRC of your intention to submit returns electronically, they will provide your HMRC credentials, these will be used to authorise our application to interact with HMRC on your behalf.
  • Confirm your order to us via email and your Hartigan Software licensing credentials will be returned using the requesting email address.
  • Download, Install and license the VAT Pro Making Tax Digital software.
  • Start the application and select the quick setup option to add one or more VAT Registration and Sender records.
  • View the Sender information and 'Grant Authorisation'. This enables the application to interact with HMRC for the selected VAT Registration and Sender.

VAT Processing

  • Either import Purchase and Sales information from a spreadsheet and generate VAT Returns from the data collected or import VAT Return totals from a spreadsheet or CSV file.
  • Review the VAT Return(s) generated.
  • Select all VAT Returns to be submitted then click the 'Submit Selected Returns' button. The selected returns will be processed and sent to HMRC.
  • Returns accepted by HMRC are listed and any not accepted are listed separately with the reason for rejection.
  • VAT Submission History, the report along with underlying data and the response from HMRC is maintained by our software allowing the information to be viewed or printed at a later date.
  • Information can be retrieved from HMRC relating to VAT Obligations, VAT Returns, VAT Liabilities and VAT Payments.

VAT Pro MTD per license cost
Number of VAT Registrations Price Per Annum (excluding VAT)
One £80
Up to 3 £215
Up to 10 £495
Up to 20 £770
Up to 40 £990
Up to 70 £1,210

Software Videos

Enter Vat Registration Information and Sender Details

Sender Granting Authorisation to our application

Import Purchase and Sales information, Generate then Submit VAT Return to HMRC

Submit and Retrieve VAT Returns

View Submission History, Liabilities and Payments

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