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Pension Scheme Returns

An automated e-filing solution for Registered Pension Scheme Return for both Occupational and Non-occupational Schemes, Event Report and Accounting For Tax.

Our software has been used to successfully submit the above pension returns since 2007. We review and update our software on a regular basis to ensure HMRC's latest reporting requirements are included.


Reports can be generated and submitted to the Government Gateway direct from the user's PC. Data entry is performed offline and an internet connection is only required when submitting the final report. This has the benefit of providing quick and easy access to data without having to log on to a website, eliminating the potential for data security issues and removing the dependency on third party web services.

Review and approval engine helps to minimise submission errors by allowing an alternative user to check the return data before it is approved for submission.

Comprehensive user access rights controlling which users can perform which tasks e.g. data entry, data approval, submission etc. User access is controlled via Windows log on information therefore removing the need to enter further information when logging on to our software.

Full Audit trail recording the users that entered, updated, approved and submitted data.

Our software validates the data in accordance with the HMRC business rules and provides an exception report where data is incomplete or in the wrong format. This reduces the likelihood of submissions being rejected by HMRC and hence can save time and frustration.

Ability to import member and scheme data from Spreadsheet/CSV file reducing the need for manual input. Data can also be refreshed from a Spreadsheet/CSV file ensuring that addresses and other information is consistent with an in-house administration system.

The option (at additional cost) of a bespoke data collection module to integrate with a client's existing administration system to fully automate the reporting process.

How it Works

  • Either run a bespoke data collection routine, import the data from a previously prepared spreadsheet/CSV file or enter the data directly into our software.
  • Review and approve the report within our software.
  • Submit the data online to HMRC Gateway at the click of a button.
  • The report, along with the underlying data and the response from HMRC is kept in our software so it can be viewed or printed at a later date.
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