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RTI Submissions

Hartigan Software currently offer four RTI submission products, RTI Pro, RTI Lite, RTI Payroll for Pensions and RTI Payroll Standard.

Both RTI Pro and RTI Lite collect payroll data from a file either created manually or generated by a company's existing payroll application, the data is then processed and submitted to HMRC.

Our RTI Payroll applications calculate payroll data from employee information entered, a file is generated and the data submitted to HMRC.

Our RTI Submission Software has gained HMRC recognition and is used to submit live data to HMRC on a daily basis.

RTI Product Comparison RTI Pro RTI Lite RTI Payroll Standard RTI Payroll for Pensions
Employer Alignment Submission (EAS) Y
Full Payment Submission (FPS) Y Y Y Y
Employer Payment Summary (EPS) Y Y Y Y
Earlier Year Update (EYU) Y
NI Number Verification Request Y
Outgoing Data Provisioning Service Y Y Y
Import of RTI data in HMRC RTI standard XML format Y
Import of RTI data from Microsoft Excel Y Y
Generation and output of BACS random string Y Y
Calculation of PAYE, National Insurance Contributions, and Student Loan deductions Y Y
Calculation of SMP, SAP, SSP, OSPP, ASPP Y
Payslip, P11 and P32 Printing Y Y
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