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VAT Returns

An automated e-filing solution for VAT.

Our software has been used to successfully submit VAT returns since March 2010. We review and update our software on a regular basis to ensure HMRC's latest reporting requirements are included.


VAT Pro is a desktop application allowing VAT Returns to be generated and submitted to the Government Gateway direct from the end userís PC.

Data collection is performed offline and an internet connection is only required when submitting the final report. The software is designed to interface with existing VAT software either directly or by importing data from an Excel template. The data is validated before being submitted to the Government Gateway so that any data issues can be resolved early in the process thus saving valuable time.

We also offer bespoke software development and can tailor the product to suit a company's individual needs.

How it Works

  • Either run a bespoke data collection routine or import the VAT Return data from a spreadsheet/CSV file.
  • Review and approve the report within our software.
  • Submit the data online to HMRC Gateway at the click of a button.
  • The report, along with the underlying data and the response from HMRC is kept in our software so it can be viewed or printed at a later date.

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